Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A sad day....

After arriving in Circle Jason was in excruciating pain with his back, which just kept getting worse. Jason attempted to do a long rest to see if he could worked through his back injury. It was taking Jason 3 times as long to care for the dogs and he was unable to pick up over 15 pounds and was barely walking. He made the very hard decision that it was best for both the dogs and himself to scratch. He knew if he got into a difficult situation he did not have the strength needed to protect his team or himself. He is extremely disappointed with the outcome, and he feels as if he failed the team.

All the doggies are safe at home and doing very well. They are in great shape and were looking amazing after the run in from Circle which was one of the best run times. It is a sad day for the kennel. Jason is recovering from his injury and will see a doctor soon. Unfortunely he is unable to take any pain medication due to a pre-existing medical condition. Two Rivers Musher scratches in Circle

We are leaving for Dawson later today to continue on the race trail and hopefully help out our fellow mushers down the trail. We are still hoping to continue to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project and to someday we will complete this Quest.  We will see you down the trail. Thank you all for your support and help we appreciate everything that everyone has done to assist us and the WWP....
More to come from the trail as soon as I can get all the stories out of the old chap...


Michele Bryk said...

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

Hi Jay and Susan,
So sorry to hear about your back and hope all goes well with the doctor. What you're doing is really great and even better that you're contributing to such a great cause. I wish you lots of future luck and good health and hope you have a great 40th!
Take care,
Michele Skunicki Bryk

Janie B said...

Jason -- It was a privilege to meet you in Fairbanks at the Meet the Mushers event. My sister and I also saw you pass by at Pleasant Valley. We were rooting for you! So sorry to hear about your injury, and we pray for a quick and full recovery. We know it will take some time to get over the disappointment of having to scratch, but we hope you'll hold your head high as you think about the 2012 YQ. Most people would never have attempted it, and through your participation you have brought attention to the Wounded Warrior organization. Blessing to you and your wife!
Jane Holsteen, Hudson, WI